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Experience hassle-free communication and enhanced security with our expert intercom installation services.

Experience the ultimate convenience and security with Gedzah Security's internet-enabled intercom systems. Now, you can answer your front door from anywhere, keeping you connected to your visitors and delivery personnel through our video doorbell technology.

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Would you like the ability to answer your front door at any time, from anywhere? Now you can with the installation of an internet enabled intercom system.
Stay connected to your front door with your device, interacting with visitors and delivery personnel via the video doorbell. With door entry controls, you can give remote access to your trusted visitors, or to the courier delivering your parcel, meaning it doesn't have to sit outside until you return home.
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Gedzah Security offer a number of access solutions including:
  • Entry intercoms
  • Keypad access
  • Door Entry Control
  • Card Readers
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Why choose us to install your intercom system?

Benefit from our years of experience in intercom solutions.
We tailor intercom systems to fit your unique requirements.
Stay up-to-date with the latest, most reliable intercom tech.
Certified Professionals:
Our licensed technicians ensure safety and compliance.
Customer Care:
We're here to answer questions and provide support throughout.
Local Knowledge:
We understand your area's unique needs.
Efficient Installation:
Minimise disruptions with our swift installation process.
Long-Term Reliability:
We're committed to your intercom system's lasting performance.

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